Document Security & Packaging Solutions

Do away with the menace of document counterfeiting and product tampering with Holoprint’s Document Security & Packaging Solutions.

Protect sensitive documents like currency, important trade documents, negotiable instruments (cheques, demand drafts), entry tickets, tax stamps, gift cheques, tax forms and academic certificates against counterfeiting menace with Document Security Solutions from Holoprint.

Give your product the attention it deserves with Holographic Packaging Solutions. Offering a unique proposition of differentiation with product security, Holoprint’s Packaging Solutions adhere to high technical standards that product owners and brand managers demand. Our designers work in tandem to come up with attractive designs that is sure to get the attention of your target group.

Holoprint supplies fully finished secure documents to governments and corporate users which include the latest technologies in print, paper and optically variable devices (OVD). Our foils and labels can be designed with a traceability feature to be compatible with diverse printing technologies for effective supply chain management.

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