Lubricant and oil manufacturing companies operating in competitive markets like the Middle East often have to go to great lengths to counter the challenge of counterfeiting, even as they’re trying to stay ahead of the tough competition. Such companies are increasingly turning to using holograms and holographic sealing solutions to ensure the genuineness of their productsand maintain product integrity.

Lubrex FZC

Lubrex has been manufacturing lubricants and exporting oil since 1987 in one of UAE’s fastest growing markets – Sharjah. Although primarily operating in the GCC, Middle East, Far East and Africa, Lubrex is uniquely positioned to lead manufacturing, development and marketing of lubricants and oil products in scores of regional and international markets.

From two-stroke engine oils for two wheelers/bikes to hydraulic and turbine oils for industrial plants, Lubrex manufactures products for a wide range of industries and segments.

Ensuring genuine products

In an open market, consumers are very particular about the products they use to enhance the efficiency of their vehicles. One of their major concerns is to ensure product integrity.

To assure their customers of the originality and integrity of their products, Lubrex turned to Holoprint Security Solutions to implement holographic sealing wads over the mouths of their bottles, in addition to holographic labels on the bottle bodies.

Holographic Sealing Wads

Holoprint’s holographic sealing wads are manufactured by laminating a holographic image over an aluminium foil, which is then coated with a layer of wax and LDPE to make it waterproof. These wads can then be used to seal the opening of the bottle with the help of induction sealing machines.

Holographic sealing wads from Holoprint Security Solutions have a range of unique capabilities that make them to stand out among competitors:

  • Highly customisable
  • Work on a variety of materials
  • Affordable
  • Water proof
  • Spill and leak resistant
  • Aluminium film

The use of holographic wads displays a brand’s concern for ensuring product integrity and authenticity, which can have a significantly positive impact on the brand’s overall image in the market.

In addition to sealing wads, Holoprint offers an array of powerful and sophisticated sealing solutions with multi-level authentication and security capabilities.

For companies like Lubrex that place great emphasis on the quality of their products and the trust of their customers, it would be a smart decision to check out the remarkable array of highly customizable holographic security solutions offered by Holoprint Security Solutions.

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