About Holoprint

Holoprint Security Solutions is the first manufacturing plant for holographic products in the Middle East. From its location in Dubai, UAE, it offers cutting-edge holographic security solutions to some of the leading brands in the region, and exports its services to more than 40 countries.

Holoprint is a unique organization built on Indian values, and motivated by a professional, global vision. Established in the UAE in 2015, Holoprint Security Solutions is empowered by decades of experience in delivering exemplary holographic solutions to customers from all domains and industries.

Holoprint Security Solutions is a brand built on the four pillars of cutting edge technology, unbeatable infrastructure, outstanding quality, and unparalleled experience. Owing to the superior holographic solutions, optimum material quality, supreme finish, unmatched prices and tamper-evident nature of our products, Holoprint Security Solutions has established itself as the undisputed leader and the largest exporter of holographic solutions in Middle East region.

Holoprint offers cost-effective, tailor-made, inimitable holographic services to help our customers declare the authenticity of their products, while adding to its visual appeal