Induction Sealing Wads

Induction Sealing Wads from Holoprint Security Solutions are sealing wads that prevent leakage, tampering, contamination and unauthorized usage of various FMCG, lubricant and pharmaceutical products.

These sealing wads undergo a special process through which holographic images are laminated over an aluminum foil that’s coated with a layer of wax and LDPE to make the final product water-resistant. After this, these wads are affixed over the openings of the containers using induction sealing machines.


  •  Customizable for various industries
  •  Works on a variety of materials
  •  Affordable
  •  Water proof
  •  Spill and leak resistant
  •  Aluminum film
Types of Substrates served:
  • HDPE
  • PET
  • Glass
Types of WADS
  • Holographic Wads
  • Holographic with Printed Wads (Upto 5 colours)
  • Printed Wads (Upto 5 colours)
  • Registered Holographic and Printed WADS
  • EPE Foam Wads
  • Peel & Release Wads
  • Center Pull Up Tab Liners


Advantages of Products with Special Features are:

  • Increased visual appeal
  • Guaranteed product integrity
  • Improved brand reputation